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Alias Studio + engineering CAD = state of the art, automotive quality surfacing

In addition to industry standards like Solidworks, StudioWest is excited to feature Alias Studio surfacing software, the state of the art for class-A surfacing.  Alias is industrial design specific software that facilitates rapid, flowing form development in photorealistic detail simply not possible in the engineering-based CAD packages many design firms struggle with.  See below what Alias can do dynamically that other packages just can't.


Alias Studio is used by premier design and automotive studios worldwide for high-level surfacing and is the kind of tool

that helps create lustworthy products  - surfaces on which dynamic highlights flow smoothly and seamlessly.

With 15 years of Alias experience, we know how to maximize the benefits of this leading technology with any project.


Of course we also use engineering-based CAD packages like Solidworks where appropriate, and have developed a workflow

that transfers files seamlessly between the two on a daily basis to utilize the best capabilities of each package -

resulting in a better final design than would have been possible in either package alone.


We have experience with a wide range of rapid prototyping technologies for all 3D tools.  We also employ a full suite of

2D design tools including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Alias Sketchbook Pro on Wacom Cintiq tablets.  Ultimately, we'll work

with your manufacturer to ensure they're getting exactly the deliverables they need to execute the designs we create together.

G2 continuity  (curvature continous)

Flowing, rolling highlights and fluid, accelerating forms. 

A specialty of class-A surfacers like Alias Studio.

G1 continuity  (tangent continuous)

Visible highlight change at two seams.

Common on designs limited by

engineering-based CAD packages

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