A design consultant should be an extension of your internal efforts and we want to make this as smooth a collaboration as possible. Clear communication of roles and deliverables is key.


We quote projects in small, quick phases that minimize chance for misdirection. You're never committed to more than the current phase of work, so changes of direction aren't costly.  


We clearly outline exactly what will be delivered for each phase, and for how much. Clients with whom we have long-term relationships appreciate that, and trust that we'll continue to deliver.  We pride ourselves on being easy to work with.


Phase 0:  Research


Product design research

Competitive baselining

Ergonomic & human factors study

Brand & product mapping



Creative brainstorming

Sketching and ideation

2D and 3D form generation

Product, component, and system renderings / exploded views

Critical problem solving - functional, mechanical, technical

Aesthetic exploration / product color, graphic, and finish studies

Technical CAD surfacing within material + mfg parameters

​2D and 3D specs for in-house engineering and prototyping

Structural and aesthetic packaging design

Graphic design - product graphics, packaging, icons

Photorealistic visualization

Product animation

Technical illustration



Mechanical design engineering

Materials and manufacturing process recommendation

DFM (Design for Manufacture)

Prototype development - CAD transfers & process management

Bills of Material and other product documentation

FEA (Finite Element Analysis), mechanical & structural analysis

Prototype-ready and tooling-ready CAD files


Phase 1:  Concept Generation

Phase 2:  3D Form Development

Phase 3:  Refinement