StudioWest + Arevo

When Greg LeMond, cyclist, carbon fiber expert, and friend of StudioWest first saw Arevo's 3D printing of continuous fiber composites, he immediately saw possibilities that could change the cycling world.


When Arevo asked Greg if he knew anyone who could shape this new tech into a bike, he called StudioWest...

The tech

Everything we thought we knew about 3D printing was thrown out the window.  The Arevo composite process isn't like any manufacturing technology you've ever seen.  This continuous fiber construction offers all the structural integrity of unidirectional layup, with the ability to customize dynamic performance on a per-print basis.


StudioWest set about designing bikes that would leverage all the benefits of this new process,

creating visually unique frames that would showcase the technology's specific performance characteristics.

2D concepts into 3D CAD

StudioWest uses state-of-the-art automotive surfacing software (Alias Studio) to sculpt carbon forms from our digital sketches.  The resultant 3D geometry was ready for transfer to Arevo's engineering teams for analysis and fiber orientation.


Once the fiber paths were calculated and the parts virtually tested using Finite Element Analysis (FEA),

the parts came to life from a multi-axis robotic print head.

First prototype

The first proof-of-concept models were taken to the streets of San Jose in early 2018. 

Special thanks to Cenna's Custom Cycles in CO and Kip and Annie at HED Wheels for helping get this rolling.


Designs evolved as the process became more streamlined with every print.  Significant enhancements to the capabilities of the robotic print head enabled more dramatic forms than were possible with the original design.

First public appearance - Sea Otter 2018

By the Sea Otter Classic trade event in April 2018, Arevo had a prototype available for a few select brands to demo.

Changing the game


We could then start sharing the Arevo vision with the industry:  Design - Print - Assemble - days, not months.

A new paradigm

Creating bikes the traditional way involves months of speculation.  Qualities like dynamic performance and "feel" are speculative on the part of designers and engineers who, while pretty good at that sort of thing are still making educated guesses throughout development.  The team theorizes and ideates until the bean counters put their foot down and it's time to commit. 


Pencils are dropped and six-figure checks are cut to toolmakers around the world and then everyone waits for a few months until the first parts come trickling in.  Hopefully you like what you've got, because there's a ton of expensive steel that says your final shape is just that - final.

The Arevo process upends all of this.  Soon every design can be continuously optimized and improved on almost a daily basis - no need to commit tens of thousands of dollars and six months for tooling for one speculative form.  Each iteration can be better than the last.  Frames can be optimized for weight, or ride quality, or dynamic performance with each new print - or 1000 of the exact same model can be printed as needed, with robotic consistency unmatched by hand labor. 


One brand who saw the value of this early was Germany's Oechsler, who've developed an eBike drivetrain with an integral transmission and asked Arevo to print some frames to showcase their technology.  StudioWest adapted a design to do just that and this bike was shown at EuroBike in July 2018. 

Emery - the first production run

Another forward-thinking brand that saw Arevo's early potential was Emery in California.  They worked with StudioWest to develop a printed Bosch drive eBike that made its debut at Sea Otter 2019.  This will be the first commercial production run of printed bikes available to the public in 2020.

What's next...

While StudioWest is busy working on multiple new projects with Arevo, we continue to design frames, components, and accessories in more traditional means for brands you know and love...

Yeti, Factor, Niner, Cannondale, Bianchi, Raleigh/Diamondback, LeMond, and dozens more. 


To learn more about StudioWest cycling design, click here - and give us a call.  Let's talk bikes.